Valuable Articles Insurance Policies

We all have possessions at home that are important to us either because of their monetary or emotional value. Items we inherited from our grandparents, diamonds, pearls, and other unique and expensive jewelry, antique collections: these are the items we cannot afford to lose.
Often, people find out too late that their renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies only cover a portion of the cost of these important personal possessions or, worse, do not cover them at all. Whether because of a theft, fire, simple misplacement, or other incidents, once those items are gone, they’re gone for good. Preferred Alliance Group offers Texas valuable articles insurance to safeguard your investments in the event of such losses.

Our valuable articles insurance services cover expensive and valuable personal belongings, including:

  • Jewelry & furs
  • Antiques & silver
  • Fine furniture
  • Instruments & fine art
  • Laptops, cameras, & other costly electronics
  • Stamp collections & wine collections
  • Inherited items
  • Other unique & rare collectibles and personal effects
We can insure these items at their appraised values separately through specific limit endorsements to your basic Texas homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, or condominium insurance policies. These endorsements provide broader coverage and eliminate the deductibles.

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Whether purchased, inherited, or received as a gift, Preferred Alliance Group wants to make sure your valuable possessions receive the best protection they deserve in the event of an accident or theft. Not sure if your valuables are covered? The experts at Preferred Alliance Group can answer that question and much more. For more information on our Texas valuable items insurance, please call 281-391-2332, or send your inquiry to

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