Special Insurance Programs

At Preferred Alliance Group, we understand that many industries have very specific needs when it comes to their commercial insurance policies. We are proud to be able to offer a variety of specialty insurance plans to address the needs of a variety of unique industries.

Some of our special insurance policies include:

  • Oil & Gas Industry Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Environmental & Pollution Industry Insurance
  • Landscaping Company & Nursery Insurance
  • Non-Profit Organization Insurance
  • Insurance for Technology Companies
  • Insurance for Financial Institutions
  • Aviation & Aircraft Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • School & Education Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

Contact Us for More Information on our Special Insurance Programs

Don’t see your industry listed above? Not sure what types of insurance policies your unique business requires? The commercial insurance experts at Preferred Alliance Group have over 35 years of experience and can help you identify the best policies at the best prices for you and your company.

To learn more about our specialized insurance services, please call us at 281-391-2332, or simply email us at info@preferredalliancegroup.com.