Personal Estate Planning Benefits for Businesses


As an employer, you want to help your employees prepare for their future. You offer them 401(k) retirement benefits, profit sharing plans, and life insurance. Preferred Alliance Group is proud to also offer personal estate planning services for businesses to help their employees plan for their families’ futures and secure their personal property and possessions when they are gone.

Benefits for Employees

The myth that only the richest Americans need to concern themselves with estate planning is an unfortunate reason many people don’t enjoy the benefits of preparing for what will happen to their property and wealth after they’re gone. No matter how big your estate is, it is important to decide who gets what after you’re gone. Choosing an executor and writing your will aren’t the simplest or most enjoyable tasks, but the consultants at Preferred Alliance Group can make it all as painless as possible and show you how to leave your estate to your heirs without the government getting a hold of it in taxes.

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Preferred Alliance Group make it simple for Texas companies of all sizes to offer personal estate insurance and planning services to their employees. To learn more about how Preferred Alliance Group can assist you with all your employee estate planning needs, please call 281-391-2332, or fill out the form below.

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