Directors & Officers (D & O) Liability Insurance Policies

Americans today live in an unpredictable economic atmosphere. During this time of uncertainty, it is vitally important that corporate entities keep their assets stable to prevent their companies from going under. Lawsuits against corporate management have consistently increased over time, leaving the companies that keep hard-working Americans employed at risk of losing everything they have. To prevent this from happening, Preferred Alliance Group recommends that Texas companies protect their upper management and therefore their entire businesses with officers and directors liability insurance.

What is a Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Policy?

Directors and officers (D & O) liability insurance is essentially executive insurance that offers protection to a company against lawsuits related to management decisions. A Texas directors and officers insurance policy goes beyond what is offered with generalcorporate liability insurance in that it responds to accusations of mismanagement of a company or its finances. D & O liability insurance does not cover claims related to bodily injury. Instead, it can be used to protect management during lawsuits filed against a company. For example, a directors and officers policy offers coverage against claims of financial mishandling by even one member of management and can also offer protection in lawsuits related to discrimination or termination. As corporate lawsuits can be incredibly expensive, a directors and officers liability insurance policy can quite literally determine whether or not a Texas business stays afloat.

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