Contractors General Liability Insurance


Accidents are inevitable on a building site. When you have dozens of employees, investors, potential homeowners, real estate agents, and other visitors to the property at any given moment, things can go wrong. The last thing you as the contractor want to see is a lawsuit against your company due to an accident on your construction site. To prevent your liability in these situations, a contractors liability insurance policy from Preferred Alliance Group is essential.Contractor liability insurance is often required to bid on a construction job as well as perform the actual work. It is therefore an integral part of a construction company’s insurance arsenal. Contractors insurance offers protection against lawsuits alleging injury, property damage, or theft at a construction site. These damages can be a result of negligence on the part of the contractor or can be related to completed or ongoing operations at the site.Additional coverages like commercial auto insurance may also be purchased as necessary.

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With likely dozens of people visiting your construction site on an everyday basis, it is vital to insure yourself should accidents or damage happen on your property. A contractors insurance policy from Preferred Alliance Group is designed to give you the protection you need and the peace of mind to get you back to work.

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