Condominium Insurance Policies


Condominium owners deal with different issues than traditional homeowners. They face situations similar to those of renters, since they live in complexes filled with other homeowners whose condos are attached to theirs. However, they proudly own their homes, pay mortgages, handle their own repairs and renovations, and are members of a condo association.With such a unique combination of circumstances, condo owners deserve a unique policy to insure their properties. Preferred Alliance Group understands that condo owners need protection for their homes, their personal belongings, and their families and friends just as traditional homeowners do, and we will help you identify an affordable condo insurance package that works best for your circumstances.

Personal Condo Insurance vs. Condominium Association Coverage

Personal condo insurance coverage goes beyond any condominium association insurance by which you may be protected. Often, condo association insurance only covers the building itself and any shared common areas on the property. Should something happen inside your home, however, the association’s insurance would not protect you.

An individual condo owners liability insurance policy from Preferred Alliance Group offers many of the typical protections you would find in a homeowners insurance policy. Coverage is included for:

  • Burglaries & break-ins
  • Injury liability
  • Water damage, including burst pipes
  • Fires, freezes, and other inclement weather

Learn More about Condo Owners Insurance Policies

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